As the grand finale to the Digital Transformation Insight series by Vlerick feat., we invite you to join a live webinar on ‘Digital Transformation in the Digital Age’. Digital Transformation expert Professor Stijn Viaene will recap the new realities you and your organization are confronted with in the digital era and suggest answers to these realities.

The four realities in a nutshell:
1. Experience is Value
2. Customers are moving Targets
3. Ecosystems co-create Value
4. Ecosystem platforms boost Value Co-creation

Stijn Viaene is professor Digital Transformation at Vlerick Business School. For further information on Stijn's background and research, please visit: This live webinar is the concluding part of the 'Digital Transformation Insights', a free online content series from 30 May - 16 June 2016 offered to you by Vlerick Business School &

Videolecture by Stijn Viaene; Part of Digital Transformation Insights: 'Digital Transformation & Exconomy framework

You can now watch this webinar on-demand: