Let data tell your talent story 
Will People Analytics turn people into numbers?    

The business world today is experiencing a data revolution; the volume, speed and availability of information has reached a scale previously unseen. Like other professions, HR also has an unprecedented quantity of data available and accessible. This opens up a world of opportunities that could lift HR to a new level and maximise its business impact like never before.   

However, HR is struggling to start. Why is this? Are HR professionals uncomfortable handling and trusting data? Is the leap into statistics too great for a function that’s grown up around people?   

In this interview, Jouko will demystify the algorithms, turning People Analytics around to focus on how it equips HR to optimise talent – while still guarding the crucial human aspect. He’ll elaborate on the huge opportunities that lie in analytics for talent detection as well as how it can enhance the impact of Learning and Development initiatives. 

You can now watch this webinar on-demand: https://www.onlineseminar.nl/crowdale/webinar/14276/people-analytics-by-jouko-van-aggelen/#watch​. Enjoy!

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